Fuel Supply

We distribute the highest-quality products and expert services for fuel stations, truck stops, fleets, refineries, biofuel plants, liquid drilling operations and more.

Our ability to deliver operational excellence for government and commercial endeavours in high-risk conditions is based on our expertise, reliable supply, focus on quality, full spectrum of services and overall value.

Food Security

We have been selling, marketing and distributing food stuff to restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, lodging establishments and other customers. Our aim is to provide ample food security.

Building & Construction

We supply construction materials and lubrications in bulk, this including:
Iron Sheets
Iron Bars

Bitumen Supply

We source and sell a variety of Bitumen related such as;
Durm Decanters
Bituman tanks, both mobile and static solid state diisel Burners
Bitumen house and most ancillary equipment.


We are one of the leading expert in the transportation and logistics industry, including shipping Gatelink Limited over the passed years experance transportation activities and supply all over South Sudan as roads are not tarmac but we managed to operate and deliver service to our clients.

Road Construction Materials

We supply road construction material to clients.